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Battery-Operated controller comes in 1-zone, 2-zone, and 6-zone models.

Get reliable automatic irrigation control when you don’t have AC power:

  • Controls up to 6 irrigation zones.
  • Operates for 1 year using one 9-volt battery or more than 2 years with two 9-volt batteries.
  • Waterproof case and dual-sealed battery chamber ensure long life, even in wet and muddy conditions.
  • Rubber cover protects the controller face.
  • Easy to program from a single screen, large LCD display.
  • One-touch manual watering.
  • 6 independent start times per zone, 4 watering day options per zone.
  • Seasonal adjustment from 10% to 200%.



  • The industry’s most flexible irrigation controller solution that supports flow monitoring, LNK WiFi, and up to 22 stations. 
  • With 4 to 22 stations, the ESP-ME3 provides the station count options customers need. Install the same controller on residential and light commercial sites. Add station modules when expanding irrigation without removing or even powering down the controller.
  • Upgrade the ESP-ME3 to a SMART controller by adding the LNK WiFi module (below) and a WR2 rain sensor. The LNK makes programming and monitoring easy through the enhanced Rain Bird app.

For even greater water monitoring and protection from a broken irrigation system install a flow sensor.




  • Simple Plug & Play design for quick and easy installation.
  • Use your tablet or mobile device to set, monitor and make changes to watering schedules.
  • Advanced mobile app provides convenient access, real-time alerts and water management tools.
  • Save money and reduce water usage by as much as 30% with automatic weather adjustment.

Brass Ball Valve



Durable forged brass body, bottom-loaded, blowout-proof, gland-follower stem design. Positive-seal stem features dual-seal PTFE packing and EPDM rubber O-ring.
Available in female pipe threaded sizes 1/4” – 4” and female sweat tubing sizes 1/2” – 4”.

Working Pressure, Non Shock (PSI)
Cold working pressure (CWP): 1/4” – 2”: 600 psi 2-1/2” – 4”: 400 psi
Saturated steam (WSP): 150 psi
Maximum service temperature: 365°F




Working Pressure, Non Shock (PSI):
Cold working pressure (CWP): 200 PSI
Saturated steam (WSP): Max temperature: 200 F
Available in sizes: 1/4” – 4”

It takes a commitment to exceed the expectation of our customers in every way possible. Since our beginning in 1988, Legend’s core mission has been to create customer astonishment with our quality products, performance and service guarantees.

Quality Products:
Legend offers more than 9,000 products representing 80 plus product classes designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Everything you may need for behind the wall, Legend has the most expansive offering of valves, fittings, tubing and components for plumbing and hydronic systems.

Legendary Quality:
Creating customer astonishment is the culture at Legend. We focus on you to make it easy for you to lower your inventory, increase your inventory turns, and ultimately improve your inventory return on investment. We do this through our service and performance guarantees.

Guaranteed Performance:
100% 24 hour order processing, or 5% off the order; 100% line item fill rate, or 5% off the item; 100% line item order accuracy, or 5% off the error; no minimum order, no case pack quantity requirement; and material may be returned with no restocking fees.



Sims Plastics – 1/2″ SCH  40 PVC PIPE BELLED END
Sold in ½”-12″ sizes.
Price is per foot & sold as a joint.
Some pipe may require special order.



Sims Plastics – 4″ SDR 35 GE PIPE 14′ JOINT
Sold in 4″, 6”, and 8″ sizes.

Sims Plastics – 6″ SDR 35 GE PIPE 20′ JTS
Sold in 6″, 8”, and 12″ sizes.

Sims Plastics – 4″ CLASS 160 PVC PIPE G.E.
Sold in 1 1/2″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″sizes.
Price is per foot & sold as a joint.
Some pipe may require special order.




Sims Plastics – 1/2″ SCH. 80 CPVC PIPE P.E.
Sold in 1/2″- 6″ sizes.
Price is per foot & sold as a joint.
Some pipe may require special order.



Sims Plastics – 1/4″ SCH. 80 PVC PIPE P.E.
Sold in 1/4″- 20″ sizes.
Price is per foot & sold as a joint.
Some pipe may require special order.



Sims Plastics – 1/2″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (300 PSI)
Sold in 1/2″- 6″ sizes.
Price is per foot & sold as a joint.
Some pipe may require special order.



NDS® valve, meter and access boxes are offered in a wide range of sizes from the 6-inch round valve box to the 17″ x 30″ rectangular box. They are available with black, green, purple, gray and sand covers with many designations including irrigation control valve, water, sewer, electric, reclaimed water, cable TV, telephone and others.










All NDS® meter boxes and covers are injection-molded of durable structural-foam-recycled polyolefin material with a melt index between 10-12. Coloring and UV stabilizers are added along with processing lubricants when needed, resulting in a lasting product built to blend in with any landscape.

Weighted Sled Base


Our weighted sled bases are great for watering both large and small areas of your yard. They are very durable in the Texas Heat. Designed for maximum coverage, this sprinkler has a durable brass swivel and a flow-through pattern. This is the best sprinkler for lawn irrigation at home!

Wobbler Sprinkler Head


The wobbler attaches to the sled base. The off-center rotary provides extremely uniform coverage over a large diameter at a very low pressure. Maximum coverage for maximum value!

Contractor Water Hose


These 3/4″x100’ water hoses feature lead-free couplings, durable rubber, and are kink resistant. Able to deliver a powerful 400 PSI of pressure with heavy duty, crush-proof couplings. 100’ makes it the perfect length for use on yards requiring a wide area of coverage.




  • 1/2″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (300 PSI)
  • 3/4″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (240 PSI)
  • 1″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (220 PSI)
  • 1 1/4″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (180 PSI)
  • 1 1/2″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (170 PSI)
  • 2″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (140 PSI)
  • 2-1/2″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (150 PSI)
  • 3″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (130 PSI)
  • 4″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (110 PSI)
  • 5″ CLEAR PVC PIPE (95 PSI)
  • 6″ CLEAR PVC PIPE SCH 40 (90PSI)

(*All Clear PVC Pipe comes in 10′ joints)


When visual monitoring of what is going on inside a system is required, clear PVC makes this possible. This is often necessary in laboratory settings and manufacturing plants. Visibility is also commonly needed in clean room applications, where continuous monitoring is vital to maintaining the integrity of a system. Clear PVC is rigid like conventional PVC, but is made from a unique see-through material that allows the contents of the pipe to be clearly seen. With the right clear PVC pipe, you can monitor all of the processes going on inside your system.

There are many benefits to using clear PVC pipe in your system. Like all PVC, it is exceptionally corrosion resistant. This means it can be used with acids, bases and other corrosive chemicals without worry. Additionally, the smooth interior walls will not disrupt the flow of the liquids inside. These walls help reduce problems associated with sediment buildup.

These pipes can handle high pressure situations and can be quickly connected using a solvent welding process or via threaded fittings. Clear PVC is fully compatible with all standard PVC systems, so you can add a clear run of piping if needed without damaging the integrity of your system. PVC also resists bacterial and biological activity, which helps maintain the integrity of the system it is used in.

Unlike other brands, Spears® clear PVC is known for its true clarity. Without the harsh blue tint common to other “clear” PVC products, this clear PVC is much closer to clear with only a slight blueish tint. A variety of diameters are available including everything from 1/4 inch to 6 inches.  Choose the pipe you need to add a visual component to your existing system, or build an entirely new system from clear PVC with the right selection of pipes.


Since 1969, Spears® Manufacturing Company has been an industry leader in the highest quality plastic fittings, valves, and pipe and solvent cement products. We specialize in providing products for industrial, plumbing, fire protection, irrigation, and custom fabrication markets. Spears® has a vast offering of products to meet the demands of the many industries we serve. With 16 distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States and over 80,000 published product SKU’s backed by dedicated factory technical support and sales teams, trust Spears® to deliver quality and expertise to your next project.



Part# ENC4AN1


The Apollo® insulated enclosure is certified to ASSE 1060 and consists of 1/8” thick UV stabilized LMDP (linear medium density polyethylene). Made from a minimum 1” thick polyisocyanate insulation (R-8 value) that is not glued or pinned in place. The enclosure features a lockable drop-over design with drains designed for one-way exit, inhibiting debris and/or vermin intrusion, and specially sized for full port backflow discharge. The enclosure’s mounting provisions allow it to be anchored to a concrete slab with steel anchors and requires a padlock(s) for utilizing the full security capabilities.

When required, thermostatically controlled heat protects the piping and equipment from exterior temperatures of up to -30º F. Heat source must be a UL or ETL listed self-regulating cable(s) sized to maintain the equipment at +40º F, in accordance with NFPA 3- 3.1.8 & 3- The heat source and electrical supply must be mounted a minimum of 8” above the slab unless it is UL or ETL certified, and NEC approved for submersion.


  • ASSE 1060 approved
  • Small footprint
  • Polyethylene shell
  • Molded-in insulation
  • Vandal and theft protection
  • Heated option for freeze protection
  • Mounting hardware included



Part # 4A505A2F


The Apollo® Pressure Vacuum Breaker A Series prevents contamination of the potable water supply due to back-siphonage. A standard integral freeze protection relief valve serves to reduce the possibility of damage due to intermittent freezing conditions. The modular check valve cartridge provides a captured spring, a replaceable seat, and a reversible silicone seat disc. This assembly features ball valve shutoffs with stainless steel handles and nuts as standard.

Apollo Valves is part of the stock listed company Aalberts. Since the inception in 1975, Aalberts is where technology matters and real progress can be made – humanly, financially and environmentally. At Aalberts, we create mission-critical technologies for ground-breaking industries and everyday life. Technologies that enhance our clients’ businesses and keep our planet in good shape.

Aalberts integrated piping systems develops and produces connectors, metal and plastic pipes, valves, and fastening technology for the distribution and control of liquids and gases. Our technologies enable customers to work quickly and reliably in a simple and efficient way.

These bespoke systems are applicable for key verticals as residential commercial, industrial, and utilities, and are designed and developed by our team of in-house engineers. This complete piping and valve solution combined with our services are available through different channels.

Split insulation tube



Split Insulation Tube

Simple and effective, this split insulation tube is a quick and easy way to insulate your pipes.

Part #118BT – 3/4″ SPLIT INSULATION 3/8″ WALL
Part #158BT – 1-1/4″ SPLIT INSULATION 3/8 WALL
Part #278CT – 2-1/2″ SPLIT INSULATION 1/2 WALL
Part #2BT – 1-1/2″ SPLIT INSULATION 3/8 WALL
Part #78BT – 1/2″ SPLIT INSULATION 3/8″ WALL

As the inventors of flexible foam for equipment insulation and a leading provider of engineered foams, Armacell® develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for its customers.

Armacell® focuses on insulation materials for technical equipment, high-performance foams for high-tech and lightweight applications and next generation aerogel blanket technology.

Our vision is to be the global leader in providing innovative, technical insulation solutions and components to conserve energy and make a difference around the world.

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Advanced Drainage System


 Advanced Drainage System®  ARC 36 PANEL & HIGH CAPACITY PANEL



The unique structural design of ARC Chambers makes it able to handle any conventional leach field system challenge without sacrificing performance. The septic leaching chamber is a sturdy, lightweight polyethylene plastic unit that combines maximized infiltrative surface area and storage capacity. This combination allows for increased effluent dispersal performance and improved structural integrity.






Norwesco® Low Profile septic tanks are molded in one piece, requiring no additional assembly, reducing installation time and effort.  Other features include:

  • Rotationally molded rugged, one-piece tank with no seams to leak.
  • No assembly required, reducing installation time and effort.
  • No special backfill or water filling required during installation.
  • May be pumped dry during pump-outs.                                         
  • All sizes (with the exception of the 500 gallon) are suitable for use as a septic tank or pump tank and may also be used for non-potable water.
  • Access openings and lids accept Norwesco® low profile manhole extensions, double-wall corrugated pipe and ribbed PVC pipe.                                             
  • Tanks (with the exception of the 500 gallon) are available with PVC tees and gaskets supplied loose or with installed PVC tees and septic adapters.

Tank Sizes:

  • 750 Gallon
  • 1000 Gallon
  • 1250 Gallon
  • 1500 Gallon

Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS®) is focused on drainage products and services that deliver solutions for the most persistent and challenging water management problems. From safely pre-treating and managing stormwater runoff, to helping developers and property owners harvest rainwater, we focus on the development of water solutions that make land more arable, cities more livable, and the world a greener place to live.

ADS® is a leading manufacturer of high performance thermoplastic corrugated pipe and ancillary products, providing a comprehensive suite of water management products and superior drainage solutions for use in the construction and infrastructure marketplace. Our innovative pipes, fittings, basins and other products are used across a broad range of end markets and applications, including non-residential, residential, agriculture and infrastructure applications. We have established a leading position in many of our domestic and international end markets by leveraging our national sales and distribution platform, our overall product breadth and scale, and our manufacturing excellence. Founded in 1966, ADS® operates a global network of approximately 60 manufacturing plants and over 30 distribution centers.

Norwesco® began producing rotationally-molded tanks in 1980 in a single plant in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota. Now, that plant is the headquarters for thirteen additional manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Norwesco® is the world’s largest supplier of rotationally molded tanks and Plastics News has ranked us as one of the top ten rotational molders in North America! 

Rotational molding is an efficient and effective process for molding hollow, complex, and vertical shapes. The process uses heat to melt and fuse plastic resin in a closed mold, without utilizing pressure. All of our equipment has been customized to improve the speed and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Horizontal Leg Tank



Norwesco®  Horizontal Leg Tank (bands sold separately)

Rotationally Molded, One-Piece Construction

Norwesco tanks are manufactured by means of rotational molding prices which produces a one-piece, seamless, watertight tank.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Polyethylene is unaffected by soil chemical and by the chemicals and gases. Norwesco tanks will not rust or corrode and require no additional coating as other tanks do. Norwesco’s strict quality guidelines ensure an environmentally safe tank.

Tanks sizes:

  • 1025 GAL
  • 525 GAL
  • 325 GAL
  • 225 GAL
  • 125 GAL
  • 55 GAL
  • 65 GAL
  • 35 GAL

Horizontal Leg Tank Bands


Norwesco®  Horizontal Leg Tank Bands

Norwesco bands are custom fabricated to support the Norwesco tanks and are galvanized for added corrosion protection. Whether using the tank in a stationary position or for transport, bands are necessary to ensure that the tank retains its shape and integrity.

Vertical White Storage Tanks


Norwesco®  Vertical White Storage Tanks

Vertical Storage Tanks are most frequently used for Bulk storage and mobile nursing applications. Our selection of above-ground vertical tanks feature tie down slots, built-in graduated gallonage indicators, offset fill-well and self-vented, slosh-proof lids. An installed bulkhead fitting is standard on the above-ground vertical tank. Fittings are available in a full range of sizes to help adapt the tank to suit specific applications.

Tank Sizes:

  • 65 Gal
  • 100 Gal
  • 105 Gal
  • 165 Gal
  • 200 Gal
  • 250 Gal

Larger Vertical Storage Tanks


Norwesco®  Larger Vertical Storage Tanks (Black) – Water Only

Tank sizes:

  • 305 GAL
  • 550 GAL
  • 1000 GAL
  • 1100 GAL
  • 1500 GAL
  • 2500 GAL
  • 3000 GAL
  • 5000 GAL

Stainless Steel Submersible Pump



A.Y.McDonald® – 6622-039 – 23050J3 Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

A.Y. McDonald offers a full line of stainless-steel submersible pumps built for years of trouble-free operation, with high-efficiency impellers and diffusers. These submersibles offer peak capacity performance in 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 gallons per minute (GPM). Other features include stainless steel discharge head with a built-in check valve, and stainless-steel shaft and coupling.

All J Series Stainless Steel Pumps come with a 1 1/4” discharge and sizes range from 1/3 to 1 1/2 horsepower (HP). Two or three wire models up to 1 1/2 horsepower (HP)

ELBI Pressure Tank


A.Y.McDonald® DuraMAC™ 119 Gal. ELBI Pressure Tank

The DuraMAC pump tanks range in size from 2 to 119 gallons, they come with an air charge valve and can handle pressure to 100 PSI. Free standing or in-line models.

SCALA Booster Pump


Groundfos® 3/4 HP 115V SCALA Booster Pump

SCALA2 is a fully integrated, self-priming, compact pump designed for pressure boosting in domestic applications. SCALA2 has integrated speed control which allows maintaining perfect pressure in the taps.

  • Max Flow: 22 US GPM
  • Head Max: 154ft
  • Liquid Temperature: 32-113°F


A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. is a leading manufacturer of water works, plumbing, pumps, and natural gas products. Our company has distinguished itself with exceptional customer service and a proud tradition of quality and reliability since the year 1856.
Our corporate headquarters, brass foundry, and main manufacturing plant are located in Dubuque, IA. We also have locations in Albia, IA, and Elizabethton, TN.

The mission of A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co., in the words of our founder, is “to make good products and sell them honestly.” We, the stockholders and co-workers, accomplish this by extending the McDonald family culture through excellent customer service and by focusing on our customers’ needs.

Vision: To be the leading producer of water and natural gas distribution products to benefit the current and next generation of co-workers, customers, and stockholders by continually growing and strengthening our business.




  • Simple Plug & Play design for quick and easy installation
  • Use your tablet or mobile device to set, monitor and make changes to watering schedules
  • Advanced mobile app provides convenient access, real-time alerts and water management tools
  • Save money and reduce water usage by as much as 30% with automatic weather adjustment




  • The industry’s most flexible irrigation controller solution that supports flow monitoring, LNK WiFi, and up to 22 stations.
  • With 4 to 22 stations, the ESP-ME3 provides the station count options customers need. Install the same controller on residential and light commercial sites. Add station modules when expanding irrigation without removing or even powering down the controller.
  • Upgrade the ESP-ME3 to a SMART controller by adding the LNK WiFi module and a WR2 rain sensor. The LNK makes programming and monitoring easy through the enhanced Rain Bird app.
  • For even greater water monitoring and protection from a broken irrigation system install a flow sensor.

Rain Bird is the world’s largest manufacturer of irrigation technology, leading the industry with innovative systems designed to conserve water and maximize efficiency.

Founded in 1933, we’ve earned 450+ patents for our award-winning products, which are available in more than 130 countries. Our core values of quality, service and responsible environmental stewardship guide our mission to promote the Intelligent Use of Water worldwide.

Wet ‘R Dry™ Low VOC Cement for PVC Plastic Pipe


WELD-ON® 725™ Wet ‘R Dry™ Low VOC Cement for PVC Plastic Pipe

  • Gallon (#10164)
  • Quart (#10165)
  • Pint (#10166)
  • 1/2 Pint (#10167)
  • 1/4 Pint (#10850)

Relative set time: Extremely Fast

Medium bodied, extremely fast setting, low VOC PVC cement for all classes and schedules with interference fit through 6″ (160 mm) diameter, Schedule 80 through 4″ (110 mm) diameter. Premium formula for wet conditions and/or quick pressurization. Suitable for irrigation, plumbing, and pool & spa applications. Can be used without primer on non-pressure systems if local codes permit.

Established in 1954, IPS Corporation has grown tremendously over the past 60+ years. Today, IPS Corporation is the trusted leader in manufacturing adhesives, solvent cements, and numerous components and supplies for the plumbing, construction and plastic fabrication industries.   The company is organized into three subsidiaries – Weld-On Adhesives, Inc., IPS Corporation – Plumbing Division, and SciGrip – and carries the core brands WELD-ON®, WATER-TITE®, TEST-TITE®, GUY GRAY™, TRUEBRO®, and STUDOR®.

Weld-On Adhesives, Inc. is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Weld-On® solvent cements, primers and cleaners for PVC, CPVC, ABS and other plastic piping systems.  Weld-On products are globally recognized as the premium products for joining plastic pipes and fittings.  Headquartered in California, Weld-On has state-of-the-art operations throughout the United States, as well as China, and a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.

CLASS 160 / 200 / 315 PIPE 

CLASS 160 / 200 / 315 PIPE 

  • Solvent-weld pressure-rated PVC pipe provides durability Maximum working temperature of 140° F.
  • Highly resilient with high impact strength
  • Can withstand high pressure for long periods

We are a group of companies manufacturing and distributing plastic pipe throughout the U.S. under the Cresline name. We trace our roots back to 1949, making us the oldest, most trusted name in our industry. Our companies are privately held, fourth generation, family-owned U.S. operations known to produce the highest quality products and deliver them with industry-leading service. Our experienced management teams and dedicated, loyal employees have exceeded our customers’ demands for more than seven decades.

Cresline is unique in that we offer a full range of piping products for a wide variety of uses throughout the U.S. and do so with an extensive range of plastics including PVC, Polyethylene, and FlowGuard Gold® CPVC.

We are leaders in our industry and communities and place our highest emphasis on integrity and the safety of our employees. As the oldest American plastic pipe manufacturer, we were instrumental in developing the plastic pipe industry standards and certifications in place today. We proudly continue this commitment to the service of our industry.

Although we have grown tremendously since 1949, we still feel like a small family operation. A long-standing corporate goal continues today: We want to be the best supplier our customers deal with.

Drip Blank Tubing Coil


Netafim’s drip blank tubing coil. Just add the emitters.


Netafim’s drip blank tubing coil with emitters built in.  

Netafim has 57+ years of experience creating irrigation equipment, including drippers, dripper lines, sprinklers, and micro-emitters.

Founded in the Negev Desert of Israel, Netafim has a proven track record of creating effective products for extreme growing conditions.

Today, Netafim continues to use its combination of precision irrigation equipment, agronomic expertise, and innovation to help grow crops in any climate with less equipment.

As the world’s leading irrigation company, we will drive mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food, water and land.




The Zebra™ Adjustable Umbrella Bubblers are available with a stake and has a dial enabling the flow and coverage to be adjusted. Water is emitted with small coverage downward in an umbrella pattern.

Zebra Adjustable Umbrella Bubbler

Tempo is known for its Zebra Adjustable Umbrella Bubblers. Available with a stake, the bubblers have a dial to adjust flow and coverage as needed. The Zebra Adjustable Umbrella Bubbler emits water with small coverage downward in an umbrella pattern.

Features of the Zebra Adjustable Umbrella Bubbler include:

  • Click adjustment from off to full flow (ideal for managing plants as they grow)
  • High volume, direct watering of plants with a small umbrella water pattern
  • Efficient and reliable watering method
  • Easy to install, and trouble-free operation with no moving parts
  • Removable cap for easy cleaning
  • Made from UV-resistant, durable plastic material

The Zebra Adjustable Umbrella Bubbler is adjustable from 0-31 GPH, has an operating pressure of 15-30 PSI, and is available with 1/4″ barb or 1/4” threaded inlet or on a 6” stake with 360° umbrella pattern coverage. You must use a minimum 150 mesh filter.

1/4″ TUBING-100′ ROLL


1/4″ TUBING-100′ ROLL

We stock Tempo’s micro-tubing, also known as spaghetti, feeder, or distribution tubing. The tubing is available in multiple sizes, coil lengths, and materials (polyethylene or vinyl):

  • Polyethylene (linear low-density polyethylene) is strong and stiff and ideal for all weather with the barbed micro-fittings
  • Vinyl tubing is more flexible but does not adhere to micro-fittings as well, especially in high temperatures and pressures

We recommend using micro-tubing as a feeder line from the supply tubing to the dripper or jet. Choose from a range of micro-fittings for your micro-tubing.

Tempo is an American irrigation company dedicated to making water work for you. The company offers valve boxes, drainage solutions (like grates and basins), and drip irrigation equipment (like emitters, jets, sprayers, mini-bubblers, misters, foggers, dripper lines, and micro-fittings).

Tempo was founded in 2010 with a small lineup of drainage products. Today, the company continues to offer quality products while exceeding its competitors for quality service and pricing. All Tempo products are made in the United States.

April 2022 Newsletter



Plott Measurement Wheel: Plott’s measurement wheel is the first measurement wheel that digitally maps a space and creates an interactive map of your home project.

You can use the Carta measurement wheel and the Lets Plott app to save time, money, and headaches. Instead of making painstaking calculations, Carta does the work for you.

Popular Plott Carta measurement wheel features include:

  • Draw paths in real time
  • Add notes, images, and videos to a project to create a command center within the app, then share products easily
  • Record distance, area, and perimeter of any space or shape to avoid complex math and wasted materials while saving time
  • Share complete projects seamlessly through the app
  • Return to specific points in your design to know exactly where everything needs to go, making it easy to plan and execute projects in the DIY or construction space

The Plott Carta is the Rolls Royce of measuring wheels. Use smart technology to your advantage with:

Part# 10003 – Plott Carta measuring wheel


Senninger is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality irrigation solutions for agricultural, horticultural, and industrial applications. The company designs its products to minimize water and energy consumption, helping irrigators make the most of every drop.

Backed by 58 years of experience and available in 50+ countries, Senninger is one of the best-known names in the irrigation space.

Senninger manufactures products in the United States. Each product undergoes rigorous field testing. We carry several popular Senninger products, including wobblers.



Seninger Wobblers


Weighted base for Wobblers









Senninger Wobblers: Senninger’s wobblers distribute a gentle, rain-like pattern of droplets specially designed to resist evaporation and wind drift. That means irrigation systems can make the most of every drop.

Each wobbler features off-center rotary action to create uniform coverage over a large diameter at low pressures. You can choose standard angle or low angle models (standard angle wobblers have a larger coverage area).

Features we love on Senninger’s wobblers include:

  • Distribute a gentle, rain-like, evaporation and wind-resistant pattern of droplets across a uniform area
  • Excellent, uniform coverage over large diameters at low pressures
  • Stream heights from 2.5’ to 5.5’ above the nozzle based on pressure and nozzle size
  • Off-center rotary action
  • One moving part for longer product life
  • Available in standard and low angle models, including ½” or ¾” male NPT inlet connections

Rain Bird’s bubblers


Bubblers: We offer a full lineup of quality bubblers from Rain Bird. Rain Bird’s bubblers come with the following features:

• 0.25 GPM to 2 GPM full-circle, trickle pattern nozzles (low flow rates allow water to be absorbed as needed)
• Reduce runoff
• Flow will not fluctuate at pressures between 20 and 90 psi
• Maintain even flow
• Increase vandal resistance
• No adjustment required
• Corrosion-proof plastic and rubber material for long life
• Shipped with special bubbler filter screen for easy installation and debris resistance

We carry 5 Rain Bird bubblers, including:

Part# 1401 – Rain Bird 1/4 GPM Pressure Compensating Bubbler
Part# 1402 – Rain Bird 1/2 GPM Pressure Compensating Bubbler
Part# 1404 – Rain Bird 1 GPM Pressure Compensating Bubbler
Part# 1408 – Rain Bird 2 GPM Pressure Compensating Bubbler
Part# 1300AF – Adjustable Bubbler (1 to 2.3 GPM)

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles


Rotary Nozzles: We also carry four categories of Rain Bird rotary nozzles, including rotary nozzles. These nozzles come with the following features:

• Designed for use with 4” Rain Bird spray bodies
• 8 to 14 foot adjustable pattern
• Quickly adjust arc and radius without tools
• Clear nozzle of dirt and debris using the pull up flush feature
• Multiple rotating streams to uniformly distribute water throughout the radius range
• Low precipitation rate to reduce run-off and erosion
• Matched precipitation rates across radius arc and pattern types
• Color-coded and laser-marked for easy identification of model
• Compatible with all models of Rain Bird spray bodies, risers, and adapters
• Maximum water efficiency and design flexibility

Our Rain Bird rotary nozzles include:

Part# R1318F – 13-18’ Full Circle Rotary Nozzle
Part# R-VAN24 – 17-24’ Vari Arc Rotary Nozzle
Part# R-VAN18 – 13-18’ Vari Arc Rotary Nozzle
Part# R-VAN14 – 8-14’ Vari Arc Rotary Nozzle


Rain Bird’s engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and sales teams work together to create innovative water-conserving products. The company is best-known for irrigation sprinklers, dripline, pumps, and timers / controllers.

Today, Rain Bird They provide 4,000 water-saving irrigation products and services worldwide while maintaining manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Alabama, Mexico, and France, among other locations.

We carry a full lineup of Rain Bird bubblers and rotary nozzles.

Electric Valves


irritrol_2 irritrol_1
Electric Valves: Our Irritrol electric valves make it easy and convenient to control your system.

You can view our full lineup of Irritrol electric valves here. We offer all of the following Irritrol electric valves:

Part# 1001 – 1” GLB/ANG VLV-INT BLD, FC
Part# 1002 – 2” GLB/ANG VLV-INT BLD, FC
Part# 1003 – 3” GLB/ANG VLV-INT BLD, FC
Part# 7001 – 1” ELEC VLV-INT BLD, FC
Part# 7002 – 2” ELEC VLV-INT BLD, FC
Part# 1001.5 – 1 to 1/2″ GLB/ANG VLV-IB, FC
Part# 216B – 1 to 1/2″ GLB/ANG VLV-NPT THD
Part# 217B – 2” ELEC VLV-INT BLD 24VAC 60H

The Irritrol 100 Series (Century Plus) is a good valve that keeps getting better. It traces its origins to the popular Century Series lineup, delivering reliable performance with many advanced features.

Today, we offer the Irritrol 100 Series (Century Plus) in a range of globe/angle configurations, sizes from 1 to 3 inches, pressure ranges of 20 to 220 psi, optional modular pressure regulation, internal and external bleed, and more.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Wilkins


Part #1-710: Pressure Vacuum Breaker Wilkins

Zurn is a Milwaukee-based company that has been engineering water solutions since 1900. Today, the company is a leader in commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. They manufacture the widest range of engineered water solutions in the industry.

Popular Zurn products include building drainage solutions, water control equipment, fire protection gear, finish plumbing, water safety equipment, and more.

Zurn’s 710 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly protects against back-siphonage of contaminated water into the potable water supply.

With fewer parts and a small, lightweight frame, the Zurn Wilkins 710 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly is a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for high health hazard irrigation applications – including commercial and residential settings.
With a maximum pressure of 150 psi and a temperature range of 33°F to 140°F, the 710 comes in 3/4″ and 1” sizes. It’s more compact than competing valves on the market. Enjoy effortless performance for residential and commercial irrigation systems.

DekoRRA rock


Popular DekoRRA rock enclosure products include:

Part # 106AB – Autumn Bluff Rock (19x14x12)
Part # 102AB – Autumn Bluff Rock (27x21x25)
Part # 110AB – Autumn Bluff Rock (39x21x21)
Part # 116AB – Autumn Bluff Rock (48x20x30)
Part # 104AB – Autumn Bluff Rock (60x48x41)

Well-designed artificial rocks make it easy to hide unsightly irrigation equipment.

Wisconsin-based DekoRRA makes the best artificial rocks in the industry. We carry a full lineup of DekoRRA artificial rocks ideal for multiple settings. Artificial rocks are large enough to hide insulated pouches and other gear, making it easy to winterize while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

One of the biggest advantages of DekoRRA mock rocks is the PRO-R Thermal Wall Construction technology. Cold weather means you need insulation for pipes, pumps, and other utilities, and the PRO-R Thermal Wall Construction provides added protection. You get stronger, more insulated walls.

To strengthen and insulate walls, DekoRRA adds black polyethylene foam wall structure to its mock rocks during the manufacturing process (instead of spraying it in later like other manufacturers). It’s an option on most rock enclosures for added protection and insulation, and it prevents the rock from cracking, fading, or breaking apart.

DekoRRA makes an extensive lineup of artificial rock enclosures. You can use DekoRRA’s products to conceal unsightly devices in rural, residential, and commercial landscapes.

Located in Rio, Wisconsin, DekoRRA was founded in 1997 by Russ Dresen and Roy Bailey with the goal of using clever solutions to hide unsightly equipment. Today, DekoRRA is a leader in the artificial rock space.

INSULATED POUCHES – for use with DekoRRa Rocks


Part# 602GN – Insulation Pouch (24”L x 24”H)
Part# 604GN – Insulation Pouch (60”L x 48” H)
Part# 610GN – Insulation Pouch (34”L x 24”H)
Part# 616GN – Insulation Pouch (48”L x 30”H)

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Insulated pouches protect crucial equipment from sub-freezing temperatures. When temperatures drop below 20 degrees, water freezes within pipes, causing damage. We sell small, medium, large, and extra-large insulated pouches for maximum protection.

Place insulated pouches over pipes to protect from the cold. Pouches are compatible with models 101, 102, 104, 110, and 116. Customers get two years of UV protection when using the pouches without an enclosure.