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​VENDOR AND PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT–brass-ball-valve-428.html

Durable forged brass body, bottom-loaded, blowout-proof, gland-follower stem design. Positive-seal stem features dual-seal PTFE packing and EPDM rubber O-ring.
Available in female pipe threaded sizes 1/4” – 4” and female sweat tubing sizes 1/2” – 4”.

Working Pressure, Non Shock (PSI)
Cold working pressure (CWP): 1/4” – 2”: 600 psi 2-1/2” – 4”: 400 psi
Saturated steam (WSP): 150 psi
Maximum service temperature: 365°F

BRASS GATE VALVES–brass-gate-valve-453.html

Working Pressure, Non Shock (PSI):
Cold working pressure (CWP): 200 PSI
Saturated steam (WSP): Max temperature: 200 F
Available in sizes: 1/4” – 4”

It takes a commitment to exceed the expectation of our customers in every way possible. Since our beginning in 1988, Legend’s core mission has been to create customer astonishment with our quality products, performance and service guarantees.

Quality Products:
Legend offers more than 9,000 products representing 80 plus product classes designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Everything you may need for behind the wall, Legend has the most expansive offering of valves, fittings, tubing and components for plumbing and hydronic systems.

Legendary Quality:
Creating customer astonishment is the culture at Legend. We focus on you to make it easy for you to lower your inventory, increase your inventory turns, and ultimately improve your inventory return on investment. We do this through our service and performance guarantees.

Guaranteed Performance:
100% 24 hour order processing, or 5% off the order; 100% line item fill rate, or 5% off the item; 100% line item order accuracy, or 5% off the error; no minimum order, no case pack quantity requirement; and material may be returned with no restocking fees.



All contractors are licensed septic and irrigation contractors.

To be featured on our Contractor Spotlight List – please contact Sims Plastics and let us know! We will be rotating the companies on this list in future Focal*Points issues.

Licensed Septic Contractors

  • Bulls Septic (Odessa/Midland) 432-202-9177
  • J&B services (Odessa/Midland) 432-260-0092
  • Bobby Stalvey (Odessa/Midland) 432-684-7143
  • Basin Backhoe & Septic Service (Odessa/Midland) 432-296-9126
  • Sky Eagle Skid Steer Service (Odessa/Midland) 432-202-0356
  • Terrett Septic Tank Co. (Odessa/Midland) 432-684-6427
  • K&M Contracting (Waco) 254-292-9669
  • Brookshire Septic (Waco) 254-744-0194
  • Jernan Construction (Waco) 254-848-4848
  • Central Texas Hydro-Flo (Waco) 254-715-6655

Licensed Irrigators

  • ROTH Irrigation (Odessa/Midland) 432-238-2310
  • Hart Irrigation (Odessa/Midland) 432-238-2310
  • All Star (Odessa/Midland) 432-880-4825
  • Turf Specialties (Odessa/Midland) 432-684-7166
  • Alldredge Garden (Odessa/Midland) 432-682-4500
  • CLS Clements Lawn (Odessa/Midland) 432-520-4657
  • Home Run (Odessa/Midland) 432-352-6494
  • Talbert Irrigation (Waco) 254-218-3517
  • Rain on Demand (Waco) 254-855-7106
  • Lawns LTD Inc. (Waco) 254-752-8122
  • Fitzgerald Lawnscaper LTD (Waco) 254-732-5934
  • CGW Lawn Sprinkler (Waco) 254-723-8278


Tips & Tricks for Irrigation Products

Check out the Tips & Tricks below to help your customers’ better understand ball and gate valves.   Ideas for how you can use this material:

  1. Print out this Tips & Tricks page and give it to your customers when you show up to give an estimate, to provide services, or – mail it along with your invoice if you’ve already finished a job.
  2. Add your logo and print on company letterhead or email the Tips & Tricks page to any of your existing customers to let them know about special pricing.
  3. Share this information with a local HOA or neighborhood associations for use in their newsletter or to post on their message boards along with your contact information in case residents need help with their plumbing, irrigation, or septic projects.


Brass ball valves are used in residential and commercial plumbing, water wells, HVAC systems, and many other applications. As long as there are no highly corrosive materials going through the valves, brass is a the ideal material to use.

A ball valve is a shut-off valve that adjusts or obstructs the flow of liquids, gases, and vapors in a piping system by rotating a hollow ball inside the valve. The ball is mounted to a shaft that connects it to a control mechanism that rotates the ball. When the cross-section of the bore is perpendicular to the area of the flow, nothing is not permitted to pass through the valve. Full flow occurs when the ball opening is parallel to the piping.

A gate valve is generally used to completely shut off fluid flow or provide full flow in a pipeline. Brass gate valves, also known as sluice valves, are opened and closed through the manipulation of a wedge or gate using a handwheel. The valves can help control the flow of non-shock cold water, oil, gas, and compressed air systems.