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Let Sims help you prepare!
Gluing fittings can be a messy job – but not with the right cement.
We’ve got you covered this Summer so you can hold it all together!




WELD-ON® 725™ Wet ‘R Dry™ Low VOC Cement for PVC Plastic Pipe

  • Gallon (#10164)
  • Quart (#10165)
  • Pint (#10166)
  • 1/2 Pint (#10167)
  • 1/4 Pint (#10850)

Relative set time: Extremely Fast

Medium bodied, extremely fast setting, low VOC PVC cement for all classes and schedules with interference fit through 6″ (160 mm) diameter, Schedule 80 through 4″ (110 mm) diameter. Premium formula for wet conditions and/or quick pressurization. Suitable for irrigation, plumbing, and pool & spa applications. Can be used without primer on non-pressure systems if local codes permit.

Established in 1954, IPS Corporation has grown tremendously over the past 60+ years. Today, IPS Corporation is the trusted leader in manufacturing adhesives, solvent cements, and numerous components and supplies for the plumbing, construction and plastic fabrication industries.   The company is organized into three subsidiaries – Weld-On Adhesives, Inc., IPS Corporation – Plumbing Division, and SciGrip – and carries the core brands WELD-ON®, WATER-TITE®, TEST-TITE®, GUY GRAY™, TRUEBRO®, and STUDOR®.

Weld-On Adhesives, Inc. is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Weld-On® solvent cements, primers and cleaners for PVC, CPVC, ABS and other plastic piping systems.  Weld-On products are globally recognized as the premium products for joining plastic pipes and fittings.  Headquartered in California, Weld-On has state-of-the-art operations throughout the United States, as well as China, and a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.

CLASS 160 / 200 / 315 PIPE 

  • Solvent-weld pressure-rated PVC pipe provides durability Maximum working temperature of 140° F.
  • Highly resilient with high impact strength
  • Can withstand high pressure for long periods

We are a group of companies manufacturing and distributing plastic pipe throughout the U.S. under the Cresline name. We trace our roots back to 1949, making us the oldest, most trusted name in our industry. Our companies are privately held, fourth generation, family-owned U.S. operations known to produce the highest quality products and deliver them with industry-leading service. Our experienced management teams and dedicated, loyal employees have exceeded our customers’ demands for more than seven decades.

Cresline is unique in that we offer a full range of piping products for a wide variety of uses throughout the U.S. and do so with an extensive range of plastics including PVC, Polyethylene, and FlowGuard Gold® CPVC.

We are leaders in our industry and communities and place our highest emphasis on integrity and the safety of our employees. As the oldest American plastic pipe manufacturer, we were instrumental in developing the plastic pipe industry standards and certifications in place today. We proudly continue this commitment to the service of our industry.

Although we have grown tremendously since 1949, we still feel like a small family operation. A long-standing corporate goal continues today: We want to be the best supplier our customers deal with.


All contractors are licensed septic and irrigation contractors.

To be featured on our Contractor Spotlight List – please contact Sims Plastics and let us know! We will be rotating the companies on this list in future Focal*Points issues.

Licensed Septic Contractors

Bulls Septic (Odessa/Midland) 432-202-9177
J&B services (Odessa/Midland) 432-260-0092
Bobby Stalvey (Odessa/Midland) 432-684-7143
K&M Contracting (Waco) 254-292-9669
Brookshire Septic (Waco)  254-744-0194
Jernan Construction (Waco) 254-848-4848

Licensed Irrigators

Odessa/Midland-Petra Services (Odessa/Midland) 432-634-0439
Odessa/Midland-Hart Irrigation (Odessa/Midland) 432-238-2310
Lush Lawns of Texas 432-880-0307
ETERNAL TREES & LANDSCAPE (Odessa/Midland) 432-269-6988
LIVING WATER IRRIGATION (Odessa/Midland) 432-631-2138
CGW Lawn Sprinkler (Waco) 254-723-8278
Rain on Demand (Waco) 254-855-7106
Talbert Irrigation (Waco) 254-218-3517

TIPS & TRICKS for Joining Pipe during the Hot Texas Summer!

Below are some tips that you can use with your customers to help them build their own above-ground or below-ground sprinkler system – or give them a quote for you to do the entire project for them.  Here are a few ideas on how you can use these tips to add value to your customers or as a prospecting tool for your business:

  1. Print out the preformatted tips page and give it to your customers when you show up to give an estimate, to provide services, or mail it along with your invoice if you’ve already finished a job.
  2. Add you logo, or print company letter and email the preformatted tips page to any of your existing customers as a reminder about Summer irrigation projects along with a message that you would be happy to handle their septic and irrigation projects for them. Or, you can offer the tips alongside a pre-packaged irrigation or septic service plan where you offer to handle these things for them for a set cost.
  3. Offer these tips to local HOA or neighborhood associations for use in their newsletter or to post on their message boards along with your contact information in case residents need help with their plumbing, irrigation, or septic projects.


Let Sims help you prepare!
Gluing fittings can be a messy job – but not with the right cement.
We’ve got you covered this Summer so you can hold it all together!

There can be greater expansion-contraction factors affecting your pipe in our hot summer weather.

Follow these Tips and Tricks to help you keep your cool and hold everything together!

  • Make sure to store cements and primers in a cool area
  • Be sure your pipe/fittings are dry and clean before applying the cement
  • Use Weld*On 725 Wet R Dry to join together pipe and fittings
  • Extremely fast drying time
  • When finished, we suggest making sure the lid is secured and store the glue upside down to prolong the life of the glue
  • Do not store primer upside down, only the glue!

Various Types of Pipe for Your Irrigation System

As your expert plumbing and irrigation partner, Sims Plastics prefers using Class 200 Pipe over Schedule 40 Pipe and here’s why your customers will thank you for getting this right.

  • Class 200 pipe, the most common class pipe used in irrigation, is rated for 200 pounds per square inch (psi)
  • Class 200 pipe has a wall thickness of.063 for a 1 pipe.
  • This is a lot thinner than Schedule 40. (You’ll see below why this is so important.)
  • Schedule 40, in comparison, is rated for 450 psi. This is not as important.

Why does Sims Plastics care?

Everything in irrigation ties into gallons per minute. Your spray head puts out a certain number of gallons per minute (gpm). Your design revolves around it. If you have 13 gpm you can put six – 2 gpm heads on that zone. Or four – 2 gpm and four – 1 gpm. (Sims recommends that you never design to the absolute max gpm.)

Class 200 pipe – gallons per minute (gpm)

  • 1/2″ = 5 gpm
  • 3/4″ = 10 gpm
  • 1″ = 16 gpm

Schedule 40 Pipe

Schedule 40 pipe is the simplest. Schedule 40 designates the wall thickness at a certain size.
For example, a 1″ pipe in Schedule 40 has a wall thickness of .133; schedule 80 has a wall thickness of .179. Higher schedule = thicker wall. The thicker the wall, the less water will flow through which means fewer gallons per minute. A thicker wall makes it tougher and harder to break.

  • Schedule 40 is great for the main line
  • Schedule 40 is more resistant to shovels and other punctures

Schedule 40 pipe- gallons per minute (gpm)

  • 1/2″ = 4 gpm
  • 3/4″ = 7 gpm
  • 1″ = 12 gpm