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Spring is Here – and It’s Time to Irrigate Again

Prepare your customers’ systems for Spring with proven tips and the
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Plott builds simple, powerful solutions for the DIY and construction sector using a combination of hardware and extended reality. Plott’s products allow you to easily measure, design, and change your environment.

Plott Measurement Wheel: Plott’s measurement wheel is the first measurement wheel that digitally maps a space and creates an interactive map of your home project.

You can use the Carta measurement wheel and the Lets Plott app to save time, money, and headaches. Instead of making painstaking calculations, Carta does the work for you.

Popular Plott Carta measurement wheel features include:

  • Draw paths in real time
  • Add notes, images, and videos to a project to create a command center within the app, then share products easily
  • Record distance, area, and perimeter of any space or shape to avoid complex math and wasted materials while saving time
  • Share complete projects seamlessly through the app
  • Return to specific points in your design to know exactly where everything needs to go, making it easy to plan and execute projects in the DIY or construction space

The Plott Carta is the Rolls Royce of measuring wheels. Use smart technology to your advantage with:

Part# 10003 – Plott Carta measuring wheel

Senninger is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality irrigation solutions for agricultural, horticultural, and industrial applications. The company designs its products to minimize water and energy consumption, helping irrigators make the most of every drop.

Backed by 58 years of experience and available in 50+ countries, Senninger is one of the best-known names in the irrigation space.

Senninger manufactures products in the United States. Each product undergoes rigorous field testing. We carry several popular Senninger products, including wobblers.

Seninger Wobblers

Weighted base for Wobblers








Senninger Wobblers: Senninger’s wobblers distribute a gentle, rain-like pattern of droplets specially designed to resist evaporation and wind drift. That means irrigation systems can make the most of every drop.

Each wobbler features off-center rotary action to create uniform coverage over a large diameter at low pressures. You can choose standard angle or low angle models (standard angle wobblers have a larger coverage area).

Features we love on Senninger’s wobblers include:

  • Distribute a gentle, rain-like, evaporation and wind-resistant pattern of droplets across a uniform area
  • Excellent, uniform coverage over large diameters at low pressures
  • Stream heights from 2.5’ to 5.5’ above the nozzle based on pressure and nozzle size
  • Off-center rotary action
  • One moving part for longer product life
  • Available in standard and low angle models, including ½” or ¾” male NPT inlet connections

The Senninger wobblers work great for DIY above ground sprinklers, and they also pair perfectly with our weighted sled bases.

Our Senninger wobblers include:

Part #: WOB005 – WOBBLER STANDARD 1/2″ #11 NOZ (make part# and description the link below)—11-noz-2476.html

Part #: WOB005LA – WOBBLER L.A. 1/2″ #11 NOZ (make part# and description the link below)–1-2—11-noz-2475.html

Part #: WOB005MINI – MINI WOBBLER #7 NOZ (make part# and description the link below)–7-noz-2478.html

Part #: WOB007 – WOBBLER STANDARD 3/4″ #13 NOZ (make part# and description the link below)—13-noz-2477.html


All contractors are licensed septic and irrigation contractors.

If you would like to be added to our Contractor Spotlight List – please contact Sims Plastics and let us know! We will be rotating the companies on this list in future Focal*Points issues.

Licensed Septic Contractors

Bulls Septic (Odessa/Midland): 432-202-9177
J&B Services (Odessa/Midland): 432-260-0092
Bobby Stalvey (Odessa/Midland): 432-684-7143
Quality Construction (Waco): 254-829-0001
Brookshire Septic (Waco): 254-744-0194
Jernan Construction (Waco): 254-848-4848

Licensed Irrigators

Petra Services (Odessa/Midland): 432-634-0439
Hart Irrigation (Odessa/Midland): 432-238-2310
Lush Lawns of Texas: 432-880-0307
Eternal Trees & Landscape (Odessa/Midland): 432-269-6988
Living Water Irrigation (Odessa/Midland): 432-631-2138
CGW Lawn Sprinkler (Waco): 254-723-8278
Rain on Demand (Waco): 254-855-7106
Talbert Irrigation (Waco): 254-218-3517


Below are some tips that you can use with your customers to help them prepare for Spring.  Here are a few ideas on how you can use these tips to add value to your customers or as a prospecting tool for your business:

  1. Print out the preformatted tips page and give it to your customers when you show up to give an estimate, to provide services, or mail it along with your invoice if you’ve already finished a job.
  2. Email the preformatted tips page to any of your existing customers as a reminder about Spring irrigation projects along with a message that you would be happy to handle their irrigation projects for them. Or, you can offer the tips alongside a pre-packaged irrigation service plan where you offer to handle these things for them for a set cost.
  3. Offer these tips to local HOA or neighborhood associations for use in their newsletter or to post on their message boards along with your contact information in case residents need help with their plumbing, irrigation, or septic projects.

Practice smart irrigation techniques in Spring to ensure a vibrant Summer and Fall.

Tip #1: Pick Optimal Watering Weather

Pick the right time of day to water your lawn:

  • It’s best to water it on dry or mildly humid days
  • Avoid watering your lawn in windy weather, as it reduces sprinkler efficiency and increases evaporation

Tip #2: Water your Lawn on the Right Days

How often should you water your lawn? It depends:

  • Lawns don’t need to be watered every day
  • Watering 3x per week is generally sufficient for grass health, even in severe drought
  • Watering 3x per week leads to deeper grass roots
  • Water your lawn early in the morning or late at night
  • Set lawnmowers on a high setting, allowing the grass to absorb more moisture while naturally destroying weeds

Tip #3: Be Smart with High Temperatures in West Texas

West Texas temperatures wreak havoc on lawns and gardens. Here are some tips to beat the heat:

  • Water your grass up to 4x per week during periods of extreme heat
  • Water shrubs and flowers daily in extreme heat
  • The best time to water is 5am to 6am
  • The optimal grasses in West Texas include buffalo grass, Bermuda grass, zoysia grass, and fescue grass

Tip #4: Practice Maintenance and Gardening Techniques

Good maintenance and gardening habits are crucial for optimal lawn and garden health:

  • Be mindful of watering habits, and follow the tips above for optimal growth
  • Apply fertilizer to keep grass green all summer long
  • Take care of weeds

Tip #5: Avoid Over-Watering

Even experienced irrigators can over-water a lawn. To avoid over-watering, follow these tips:

  • The depth of a healthy grass system is about 6 inches
  • You must water your lawn long enough for the water to reach that depth
  • To test your irrigation system, use a shovel to lift up the sod after watering and check water penetration
  • Time how long it takes for water to moisten the soil at a depth of around 6”

To avoid over-watering, run your sprinklers for that length of time moving forward